Oil Palm Fertilizer – BE Bioenzyme

3-in-1 Organic Herbal Fertilizer

1) Detoxification

The overuse of chemical fertilizer causes long term problem, such as the deadly disease Ganoderma boninense and Fusarium. Chemical fertilizer is known to contaminate the soil. More acidic (pH less than 5) soil and accumulated heavy metal are the direct side effects. This condition favours the growth of fungus Ganoderma and Fusarium. Our Bioenzyme detoxify contaminated soil and restore the organic microbacteria. The microbacteria releases essential soil elements to plant and create a environment that is NOT SUITABLE for the fungus

2) Treatment

To arrest deadly diseases such as Ganoderma and Fusarium. Prolong lifespan of the infected plant and prevent the neighbouring plant from being infested by the deadly opportunistic fungus. The fungus is air transmitted by pollen (like the rest of the fungus), if the environment favours their growth, it will infect the oil palm tree. Our organic bioenzyme prevent this from happening.

3) Enhance

Our organic oil palm fertilizer, used once every 6 month, is proven to increase the pH of soil. Supply essential elements to the plant. Aerate the soil. Retain water for optimum moist. Our product also contains effective microbes to produce nitrates.

Analyze by SIRIM

We have our BE Bioenzyme organic fertilizer sent for a quality check with SIRIM.
The result is beyond imagination. Not only we beat every minimum requirement for organic fertilizer set by SIRIM, our product produces great result in every test we had with SIRIM

Positive Result within months!

The root system, from the 1st to 3rd generation shows positive result. This is a definite sign of improvement. With good rooting system, the oil palm tree can absorbs as much nutrient. This will absolutely increase productivity, thus maximizing your yield!

Positive Result within months!

The fungus Ganoderma, steal nutrients of the palm oil tree by disturbing with the plant's rooting system. With good rooting system and Ganoderma growth prevention, the oil palm tree cannot help but to grow and increases its productivity. A result any oil palm plantation owner would want to hear!