Board of Directors

The Founder / Chairman – Mr B.S. Goh

BE Bioenzyme was a Malaysian company founded by Goh Bee San in the year 2003. He retired early in the government education sector to continue his hobby in research and development in holticulture, specifically in providing solution in relation to soil and plant. Through extensive research, he develop a special enzyme, with the help of top scientist from United States, United Kingdom, Spain and Singapore. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, we are honoured to have helped many oil palm plantation owners solved their oil palm problem!

Technical Director – Mr. Joseph Woon

Mr Joseph Woon is a hands-on specialist cum auditor for a foreign company based in Malaysia, for trial plots. He is trained in United States, Taiwan, Europe and Malaysia. He has vast experience in the field of planting and managing the estate field, fertilization, prolonging dying trees lifespan and cost effective practice programme in agriculture. He is also well known for reviving depleted and dead soil, back to its natural state. He has spent more than 15 years of his lifetime, towards an eco-balance environment.

Marketing Director – Mr. A.H. Khairul

Mr. Khairul is an Internet Entrepreneur, focusing on high quality lead generation for many business owners. With almost 4 years of experience, he has now joint venture as marketing director at BE Bioenzyme. As a result of this partnership, BE Bioenzyme has reduced its marketing expenses to almost 80% and has reached so many oil palm plantation owners like never before.

Executive Director – Madam Tan Chai King

Madam Tan is an active businesswoman and educator. She is the first business partner with chairman Mr. Goh back in the year 2003, and certainly is the longest serving of all. She is directly responsible for the success that BE Bioenzyme has achieved today. Only with her continuous support that this company has lasted for 19 long years in the industry. She has helped many people to be successful in their life and is honoured to have students from all over the world

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