Palm Oil Yield – The Economic Strategy

Economic Strategy

Fertilizer Cost Effective :
Fertilization using our BE Bioenzyme organic oil palm fertilizer is done every 6 months.

Labour Cost Effective :
Instead of fertilizing 4 times per year using the conventional method, oil palm owners now can greatly save labour cost using our method because we fertilize 2 times per year only. This greatly increases your palm oil yield as you lowers your operational cost!

Eco-Balance Effective :
Our eco-balance and environmental friendly organic fertilizer does not cause overdose of potassium or nitrogen like chemical fertilizer does.
Chemical fertilizer available in the market, consist of potassium chloride, potassium nitrate, potassium sulphate, calcium nitrate, and magnesium nitrate, varies in concentration. This can easily causes overdose of potassium which in return suppresses nitrate concentration and vice versa.
Poorly controlled usage of chemical fertilizer lowers the pH of the soil, making it very acidic, killing all of the soil organism and microbacteria (soil organism is vital for oil palm growth).
Overuse of herbicide also kill the soil organism and contaminated the rooting system of oil palm trees.
As the result of the above, the oil palm tree becomes weaker and prone to deadly diseases (eg : ganoderma and fusarium).

Prolonged Tree Lifespan :
We can prolong the lifespan of the infected oil palm trees. Our fertilizer is also used as a effective preventive measures for the neighbouring trees of the infected trees. Even if your oil palm trees are infected beyond cure, you still can maximize the yield from those infected trees!

Maximize Yield :
Once the soil is rejuvenated with our BE Bioenzyme fertilizer, we guarantee our client to enjoy maximum palm oil return on investment.