Oil Palm Fertilizer Requirement

Oil palm fertilizer is used for one purpose only. It is for the growth, health and yield optimization of the oil palm tree. So it only makes economical sense if oil palm plantation owners know what are the requirements of their oil palm trees, agree? This is far from the truth, because most of the owners, do not really understand this and only rely on their past experiences or unqualified advices (from friends and family).

With a steady 19 years background of research and development, our mission & vision is clear, we want to help estate owners maximize yield and educate them in the process! We know some of the owners have years of experience in managing their oil palm plantation, but most of them are relying on past experience only. We do agree that experience is the best teacher, however the industry has changed so much for the past century. What does not exist before, is now all over the newspaper, for example Ganoderma boninense.

You have to understand that past experience alone is not adequate to sustain the oil palm industry. Look back on how much does the oil palm tree has evolve? There was a time when our oil palm tree’s leaf is longer than it is now, and we had to plant them further from each other. There was a time oil palm tree is susceptible to a certain disease but genetic engineering solved the problem. Our industry can never thrive without the help of new knowledge gain through persistant research and development.

Now, new problem has emerged, we need solution fast for this deadly fungus infection! Our company, BE Bioenzyme Enterprise has the solution. We are confident in dealing with Ganoderma boninense and fusarium, because we did our homework, we learn from the history, like all of us did before!

Knowledge is power, applied knowledge is POWERFUL


Oil palm tree is a living organism, like human being need to eat to live, it needs nutrient to survive. Nutrient they require can be divided into two, which are macro-nutrient and micro-nutrient.

Macro-nutrient is the essential minerals needed in a relatively large quantity. There are many of them but the vital ones your oil palm tree need are Nitrate, Phosphate, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Sulphur. They are required at a certain amount but are absorbed at a different amount. Refer Soil pH and Law of Minimum to understand why. You need just the right amount, nothing more nothing less.

Nitrate is essential for the growth of the leaves.

Phosphate is for the rooting system. Optimum level of phosphate in your fertilizer will ensure the rooting system is healthy, thus maximize nutrient absorption ability! Very important.

Meanwhile the flowering needs potassium. If your fertilizer’s potassium level is below the optimum level, less flowering as a result, causing less fruit!

Magnesium is essential for the chlorophyll synthesis of the leaves. Chlorophyll is an important component in the leaf to absorb sunlight and use it for photosynthesis.

Calcium is needed for the cell wall rigidity of the oil palm tree. Optimum level of calcium.

Sulphur is required to form protein blocks, for the healthy growth of the oil palm tree. The protein builds are enzyme, co-enzyme and hormones of the plant.

Micro-nutrient or known as trace element is essential for oil palm growth as well, of which each element has special function. These trace elements are only required at Example Boron is for prolong flowering and fruiting, Zinc & Copper is to form plant enzyme, Iron functions to facilitate other mineral uptake, and Molybdenum is needed for plant enzyme functions.

Our BE Bioenzyme organic fertilizer is one of its kind, we have all these macro and micro-nutrient, at the right concentration! We have our fertilizer sent for a laboratory test and the result is just amazing. Stop wasting money on excessive chemical fertilizer usage and spoil your soil in the process. Contact us now!

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