Oil Palm Disease – Fusarium

Fusarium is another common opportunistic fungus infection, causing oil palm industry to lose millions of dollars per year. In several African countries, fusarium has become an endemic infection to the extend that its being discussed in the parliament meeting! This fungal, known as Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. elaeidis (Foe) invades into the rooting system (the xylem) causing water stress and hormonal imbalance. Fusarium infection can contaminate the seed and pollen of the oil palm trees, which has considerable affects the breeding material from one affected country and spread it to another country.
Outbreaks in South America is said to have resulted from inter-continental seed movement. Quarantine is now being enforced for imported seed and pollen.
Although previously, southeast asia was said to be free from Fusarium infection, now the disease has spread to Malaysia, most likely indonesia is affected as well. This devastating fungal infection, has shaken the african region country oil palm industry for many years, and it is spreading fast in Malaysia right now. We always say its never too late to diagnose deadly oil palm diseases, do not wait for it to spread, Contact Us Now and prevent it from happening! The single most important step for you, can just be a phone call away or an email away. Check us out!