Oil Palm Deadly Disease – Ganoderma boninense

Ganoderma boninense

This is an infested oil palm tree by Ganoderma boninese. This deadly oil palm disease will kill matured trees in 2 years time, while the immatured trees will die in 6 months. This deadly fungus infection, causes basal stem rot resulting the tree to fall. So far, there are no known cures for this type of disease. However our BE Bioenzyme organic fertilizer can perform preventive measures to save and prolong the lifespan of infected trees, thus maximizing the yield.

Sign of Ganoderma boninse

We can diagnose Ganoderma boninse at early stage by looking at the sign that the infected trees are showing. If we can detect this deadly oil palm disease at early stage, we can help oil palm plantation owners to prevent further damage to the neighbouring trees and optimize the yield from the infected trees.

Sign of Ganoderma boninense

This is another early sign showing that the oil palm trees is infected by Ganoderma boninense, a deadly oil palm disease that no known cure to date. Early detection can save thousand or even million dollars of loss!

SOP – Treatment For Basal Stem Rot (BSR) of Oil Palm Tree

1. Detoxification of soil by BE Herbal detox
- To solve herbicidal stress
- To reduce soil acidity
- To increase cation exchange capacity, the "K" supply is boosted
- To release natural phosphates
- To increase earthworm population
- To improve aeration and water holding capacity

To Arrest Basal Stem Rot (BSR) By BE HERBAL ENZYMES

2. Our herbal enzymes applied to the infected trees, arresting the ongoing infection by Ganoderma boninense and fusarium, while at the same time, this build up immunity of the neighbouring trees, preventing the neighbouring trees from being infested in the very first place!
We prolong the life of infected trees AND prevent infection to spread to the adjacent trees!

Back To Nature Fertilizer – BE Herbal Organic Fertilizer

3. The organic fertilizer is inoculated with a cocktail enzymes secreted by naturally, friendly, aerobic and anaerobic microbes, plus special booster, which help :
- To build up immunity against diseases
- To maintain and to extend the storage life of harvested crop
- To create an ecological balance of the environment - air and soil
- To fix nitrogen in the air - to enrich the soil with nitrates more than half tonne/hectare/per year
- To break down lignin to phenols and cresols - natural antiseptic to inhibit pathogen
- To stimulate of growth of micro-organism and earthworms
- To breakdown hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water
- To oxidize ammonia to nitrate and oxidize sulfide to sulphates

4. Add 1 to 2kg per tree, of Potassium chloride once a year