Oil Palm Fertilizer


“Compost is an Immature fertilizer , while organic fertilizer is a mature compost”

A new era of biotechnology keeps abreast and to advance our agricultural practices and using our locally improved and fortified microbes to ‘RETURN TO NATURE’, ESPECIALLY FOR THE CULTIVATED OIL PALM AREAS AND ANY DEPLETED AGRICULTURAL SOIL.

Agriculture to be a New Money Spinner for farmers and a new engine of economic growth.  The ‘Green Revolution’  and the ‘World Environmentalists’ warned of the seriousness of environmental pollution and for not replacing the virgin jungle conditions destroyed by using chemical fertilizers and chemical herbicides resulting our soil ‘dead’ and the pH has become very acidic.  As the soil structure destroyed and become compact, the uptake of soil nutrients reduced and the excess nutrients applied are not effectively taken up.

By using these NEW GENERATIONS of organic fertilizers to improve the sustainability of the soil and improve the nutrient uptake of the crops ( oil palm, rubber and fruit trees, vegetables ) and preserve the environment.

Our 3 in 1 or back to nature  Organic Fertilizer is an improved product and contains higher activated microbes affix about 200 to 400 kg of free nitrogen from the air into the soil as nitrates ( fertilizer ) per hectare per year.  This is an ongoing process and is controlled by the following:

~  species of nitrogen-fixing bacteria

~ growth inhibitors

~ enzyme producers

~ beneficial fungi

~ predators and decomposers.

Back to Nature Organic is a cocktail of the above, known as EM (effective microbe) inoculated into the granules to act as “MINI FACTORIES” in the fields to supply nutrients to the plants.  The continuous application of Back to Nature Organic will eventually restore the virgin state of the soil, a condition when plant growth can be supported without the excessive use of chemical inorganic fertilizer.

Back to Nature Organic is produced with the use of advanced bio-fermentation composting technology.  It is the most powerful bio-inoculated, organic fertilizer for any agricultural soil.  The macro and micro ( 13 ) nutrients or elements in Back to Nature Organic are so integrated that they effectively interact to provide and enrich the nutrient base of the soil in the most efficient and effective manner, yet very economical.

Essential Functions of ENZYMES released help to break down:-

~  cellulose of plants into beneficial organic matter ( compost)

~  proteins to become amino acids to stimulate plant growth

~  fats like oils and waxes to fatty acids andd glycerol

~  hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water for photosynthesis

~  lignin to phenols and cresols enhancing the immune system

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