Oil Palm Tree Plantation – Soil pH


The above chart shows a range of pH, from 4.0 to 10.0. The width of the coloured section for each nutrient shows the availability of the nutrient at certain pH level. The widest place denotes the maximum availability while the narrowest denotes minimum availability.

The dotted line at pH 6.25 indicates the highest availability of all nutrients. This means, the best pH for soil is 6.25. Note that these nutrients are all vital for your oil palm trees. Reduce or lack of one of these greatly affect your palm oil yield.

When plant absorbs nutrient from the soil, the pH of the soil changes. Therefore it must be monitored regularly and adjusted between the recommended pH level. Both ordinary organic and chemical fertilizer posses this limitation. You can be using ordinary organic fertilizer only but still failed to maintain the pH level at the recommended level and not getting the best yield.

The solution : Our very own, BE Bioenzyme organic fertilizer, solves this limitation! Our fertilizer not only is made of pure organic elements, it also has bioenzyme, a special living organism we found during our extensive research, that can act as a living buffer to the soil pH. So you do not have to check your soil pH regularly, let the bioenzyme do it for you! The bioenzyme can only live within the recommended soil pH level. If there is a change of pH in the soil, towards the non-recommended level, the bioenzyme will releases its buffer substance, so that they can stay alive. This on the other hand, benefit you the most, as an oil palm owner! This relationship between the soil and our bioenzyme is called symbiosis, its the law of mother-earth, it creates a win-win situation for everybody!

Only use our fertilizer if you want to MAXIMIZE your oil palm yield and make more money!

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